Hi, I'm Kathy and this is my Diary!

I really don't know where to begin since I've already made some pages, and have not yet linked them.

I have beliefs, facts, things that have only happened to me, and things that have happened to people I know.

If you find yourself in my Diary, then, I guess you might want to consider if you ever want to be my friend because people IN my life, have made up the most of my life.

Seriously, what's it matter to anybody?

Just some giblets from here and there. Random thoughts and even letters to my parents who have now both passed away.

I miss them, so it makes me feel a bit better to have a little chat with them. Yes I realize they're gone and not going to read it, but it's my party I'll cry if I want to. :)

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Please send any private inquiries to: kathy@kathysdiary.com©
You will love to hate me or hate to love me. I'm guessing neither... but you may never forget me!