Don't say things that come back to haunt you, because they surely will. It cost ZERO dollars to be an honest person. ZERO!

There are just those days when you don't know what to think about how people act. You say something to them and their comment comes back where it can be taken either nicely/normal or harsh and rude. Then you think about that person and how they've reacted to other people in similar situations. I think they do this on purpose just to leave you hanging. When someone tells you “I don't care” it can be taken either way. “I don't care, it's all cool” or “I don't care, you really mean nothing to me regardless of things I've said in the past.” So it leaves you thinking about their comment. If I know the person to be mostly rude, then I take the comment as rude, and unless something is said to clarify, that's just the way it is.
If someone tells me “they don't care” and leave it at that, then I'm going to take it as that, you don't care one way or the other. I like people who can speak their mind without hurting the other person. I tend to shy away from people who I know honestly just don't care, but they really do, they're just not going to say it. They want to leave you hanging. I've taken the past week or so just to think they wanted to leave me hanging and guessing, and decided they aren't worth thinking it over. It takes up YOUR valuable time thinking about someone who really doesn't care.

I'm not talking about any one in particular, but if the shoe fits you, wear it. Why leave someone hanging when it's your intention just to be rude, without looking / sounding rude. Let them hang. That's what I think people mean to do. Well, in my last days, I'm not having that done to me. If you say you don't care, then I won't care, and I won't give another thought to it. I'm going through too much physical and mental pain right now to play stupid childish games. Some people just need to tape record themselves and hear how they sound when they say things. They don't because they mean this to happen. I'm not going to be giving these people my time as every minute is valuable. I'm not saying yours isn't, but when you know there's a time limit on your life and you do that to another person, then you don't deserve their time.

I've just had this little rant in my head and realize it's wasting my time. If you think it's about you, you should stop and think other people have feelings and you're not giving them a second thought because you're too busy worrying over your own problem. Don't make your problem someone elses problem along with you. You'll find people stand by your side when you don't drag others down with you. But when you stop to think “they might have something going on too” then you might get some compassion from other people.

I try to NEVER treat people like that, but some people have treated me this way, as if my feelings don't matter. I don't say things intentionally that will hurt someone else, so why do it to me. If I wanted to say something to hurt you, I would, but I am not that kind of person. I have done all I can for others, I have done what I could to make other people's lives better if I can. So far those same people have not done that back for me. They seem to act like my feelings don't matter regardless of what I may be going through.

No one knows another persons life unless they've walked that mile in their shoes. Trust me, from this posting on out, I care about as much as you do. Regardless of who you are. People who show me love and compassion get love and compassion back. But my days of going out of my way to make someone's life better and then they treat me as if my feelings don't matter, believe me, I have stopped caring. I don't have the lifetime you have to be wasted on someone who doesn't care about me. So when you don't get it back, expect that. I'm not going to give you the time of day if you can't spare 5 minutes to even right some of your wrongs. Just listen to yourself talk, and you'll see what I mean. I care deeply for my friends and people I call family and I love you with all my heart, but you're not stealing another minute of it. I'll pray you can retract your steps and see what you've said or done that hurt others, but it's not going beyond that, because... well, I have stopped caring. You who know me, and spend time getting to know me, care, and I see it and feel it. Those of you who don't, it shows. Maybe only one person sees that, but I don't. I will help a stranger before I help someone who lies to me (and yes I know when you lie) or pushes me aside because they can't just say “can I get back to you on this”. It's not that hard of thing to do, to ask someone to wait, things we have done, we have done to ourselves, and taken no ones good advice. I am speaking to no one in particular at all, but like I said, if that shoe fits you should put it on and see how others see you. Maybe things will turn out better for you if you start being honest with yourself and others.

Again, this is directed towards no one, but if it's you, you DO know it. You wouldn't have the worries you have now if you fixed them as it happens. If I think I have hurt someone, I go back and apologize and try to make things right, but if you cannot do that for me, there's no sense in even trying because it's not sincere and I can see through that like a pane glass window. I do not forget lies that I've been told or miss them. When someone won't look me in the eye as they're telling me a lie, believe me, I know it's a lie. So before you lie to me, make sure it's a well thought out one, because if you want lies back that's what you're going to get. You know who you are when you're saying it, so don't play me for stupid. I do have some street smarts and they surface when I'm lied to, so think twice before you attempt it. Other people see them too, so you're not pulling anything over on any one you think you are. Be real.. if you don't want to talk about it, say so. I'm a big girl now I can take it.

That's my daily blog, take it for what it is or what you want it to be. If you were an honest person it would come easy.

I think the daily blog thing is going to be such a better way to convey things I think than actually saying them. It kind of covers everything, whether it fits you or you just know these types of people.