Oh no, it's the cops! LOL!

Stories on stories!

This is one of the best stories ever. I can't believe I wasn't nervous at all. (ok maybe a little, after all...) I think I was basking in the moment that I wasn't going to jail or something. It was super funny. Coulda been.. now is, then wasn't!!! lol

My boyfriend asked me to do an errand for him and since it was a really nice day, why not go enjoy it. I took him up on the offer and uh oh, he had to put a plate on the car, and set me up to head over to our friends house to collect a debt and maybe stop to visit another friend who was on the way. R.I.P. Mike, you were a super fun person to hang out with and I'll never forget you and your silly antics, and of course Junkyard. (Junkyard was his German Shepard.)

It was a fluke to top all flukes of not getting caught and going to jail! Talk about a super lucky day. Getting to see my friends AND avoiding jail. The cop was really nice. I was too come to think of it. Well, in my position who wouldn't have been anyway! ha.

I had a cute top on that was just kinda tight. Luckily I had it going on, on that day. What luck! The top A nice mothers day gift from another mother. I was just getting ready to go around the corner when I saw a police car. Well, I had a quarter pound of smoky stuff (ha) under the front seat. When I saw the police car, I immediately grabbed under the seat and stuffed the huge baggie under this “too tight” of top. I don't know how it worked, but it worked! LOL. I waited a minute and he passed around the corner and I was free to hide my “stuffings.” lol But I just knew he was going to round the corner and I'd be had. I just knew it. As luck would have it, he passed through and didn't pull in. I was sure I pulled off pulling it out of my shirt and stuffing it into a garbage bin near the front door, and whew, it worked!!! I went inside the store and walked around a bit.

A man walked in and said “whoever is hiding from the cops, you're sooo busted!” Uh oh.. ok, with heart pounding, I looked to the ground, grabbed what didn't fall out, took my chance and flew out that door and stuffed what hadn't fallen out of the baggie, back under my shirt.

Just as I pulled out onto the road, I see those red and blue lights come on.. talk about scared, the nerves kicked in and fast!! But I did it. I made it back to my car just in time to get pulled over. Well, I wasn't feeling so lucky after that let me tell you! I think my nerves got nervous! Lol Well, what else could I do but grovel and pray I didn't get caught! He did the normal thing, asked for my driving license & registration. Well, there I was digging through my purse looking for them. I couldn't even find my drivers license! Talk about scared. I told him, it was such a beautiful day that spring was finally here and I just couldn't stay cooped up in the house all day, it was my boyfriends car so I didn't have the paperwork! Which was all true. He said “please explain why your plates don't even go to this car”.

ugh.. talk about the pit in your stomach!! ha.. I dug around in the glove box, to no avail, my purse.. nope.. the floor.. ah.. let's stay away from there right.. LOL but NO proof! Finally my story rang true... I told him my boyfriend had just bought the car the day before, and “honest” it was ours. (even though I had NO ID. LOL) I did find a note that had their names on it, sort of a home made receipt. It had the date on it for the day before on it, so WHEW.. saved again.

He made a few flirty comments like how nice I looked (so glad I did my hair lol) and I turned into a super sweet girl with a quarter pound of weed under my seat! Ugh.. and I lived to tell.. despite my heart racing like a race horse!

I told him I just had to visit a friend (dummy) but it was just so pretty outside. He made me promise that I'd get it straightened out and to go STRAIGHT home. Which I sure did. I'm surprised my tires didn't squeeel! Lol But nope.. I turned toward my house, (which was less than a mile so he knew I went straight home.) Wow, did I make it out of there quickly and lucky! No drivers license, wrong plates, nothing to prove the car was mine.. nothing with my name on it. It was the best string of luck I think I'd ever had in my life. He let me go and I was on my way... straight home, without hesitation! Oh, and almost forgot, on my way home when I stopped at my other friends house, I hadn't closed the baggie tight and some spilled out on the sidewalk. I didn't bother to get it, just hoped some lucky person found it! But I couldn't of had a more lucky day than that.

I learned that day, girls, if you're going to play with the big dogs, dress nice and don't look like a girl with a quarter pound under your front seat! I'm sure that saved my day. Everyone ended up happy with their share of goodies, I made it across town and back with a perfect weigh which was also great.

When my boyfriend got home from work he went and looked under the seat and brought 2 big handfuls of goodies inside, and we weren't even short a gram. It was one of the most luckiest days of that year!! And most certainly one of the nicest cops for not searching me up! And I made it home safe! And I sure didn't leave the house the rest of that day!
Ah, the good times one never forgets! God Bless you God! :) ha.. I'll never forget this story, it was fantastic.