Sheri's Parties!

These are the best parties I've ever been to in my adult life! So much fun! I remember one I couldn't find my way there and our friend Kelly drove and got us there! My eyesight was kinda bad to say the lease LOL so I had to follow her kinda close. Don't worry the peepers are all fixed now! When we got to Sheri's house I had to almost hold onto Kelly so I didn't get lost in the bushes LOL. But I didn't, I kept up. It's hard for other people to remember which ways to go when you don't see them often, but it worked out. Nobody had to go look for me. LOL. It was fun and Sheri always had a lot of goodies out to chow on. There were so many parties I'm not sure which one what happened at.. just that they did indeedy happen!! haha... I know our friend Crystal was there sitting out in the yard, it could have been her birthday party. Anyway, I remember she wanted to say hi to Steve who was on the phone and I tripped and my phone went flying through the air!! It was night, my phone was black and I honestly don't even know how we found it again. But we did. It's been so long I don't remember if it was the “glow” party or just a birthday party. It was always just fun showing up a bit early and help Sheri decorate. It was so embarrassing, but kinda glad it happened. I had glow stickers ON MY FACE LOL, so the next day on my way home, did anyone tell me? NO.. thanks pals. LOL. I stopped at a yard sale and the people looked at me kinda weird... I rubbed my face and sure enough pulled some glowing stickers off my face. Luckily I got to explain why they were there and not just random craziness. LOL. It was all cool and fun though, it's hard to remember which party was which!! And finding our dear host was a feat in itself too. Where she kept flittering off to is beyond me. It could have been the time Jeff promised we'd watch My Cousin Vinny but it was hard because people were in/ out of that room too. The TV room was just awesome in itself!! 2 rows of sofa's and the TV that went all the way across the whole room. It was so cool. Again, like I said, not sure if it was the same party or another one. There were just so many and I never wanted to miss any of them. They all had fantastic decorations, food, pictures of other parties on the walls and funny things like Don farting on Jeff's face after he passed out... or it could have been the other way around. LOL I just don't remember that well. They were all just so much fun. I'd say, with full honesty that her parties were the best of all parties I'd been to and they made a summer come to life, literally. I don't know how many of you readers liked that movie as much as we did, but one of the best one liners doesn't even make sense. When Billy jumps down from his bunk he grabs Vinny and yells “Vinny Bag o' Doughnuts” LOL I think more people paid attention to details than us because I posted it online and someone got it. I have no idea what it even meant. I figure just a thing between Vinny & Billy. That whole jail scene was just phenomenally hysterical!!! That and when Mona Lisa LOL got to testify. Two of my fav parts! Well, we didn't get to watch the movie, but I know we couldn't wait to yell out “watch this it's my favorite line here!” And their New Yark accents helped make it more funny too. (Yes “yark' is to be spoken with a New York accent on purpose) Darn I wish we coulda watched it. Such a great movie. Joe Pesci is one great actor.

I read somewhere his career was over, wow, I think different. He's been in some great movies.

Anyway a party isn't really a place for a movie anyway! We had plenty of people to keep us entertained and going for the whole night. Some nights thats what it was, just us all sitting up all night making the best of everything. Sheri got into baking for awhile and at one of Crystal's (R.I.P.) parties she baked a green glow cake. It was both funny and super cool. Even though she said it didn't turn out as planned, it sure turned out super cool, and fun for a cake. One of those mornings I woke up and it was pitch black. I didn't know which way to go!! But I felt my way around until I found the door (and my way out lol) and heard talking. I followed the voices and it led me to her basement. It was 4:30 in the afternoon!!! LOL But Sheri and Kelly were chatting away. Every one else had made their way out & home. I wish I could remember more details, but it's been about 15 years ago, so it's hard to remember. I think I grabbed her awesomely yummy curry dip & fancy breads and finished them off. LOL One thing about Sheri's parties was you always felt almost “at home!” It was always comfy and just the best. I know she'd like to hear more about them, but it's hard to remember. I never was a drinker like the rest of the gang so my only excuse for not remembering is just my lack of an attention span. I think I've always had a bit of an attention span problem, so that's my story and I've got to stick with it. At least I remember that I can't remember!!! LOL I just know I had so much fun. The first party was a Halloween party. It was great. We spent the most of the time in the kitchen and in the garage. Just hanging out chatting. I have to say Jeff's sister (or cousin?) made me feel super happy. She came and sat by me and told me how happy Sheri was that I was finally getting to come to one of their parties. It was super happy for me as well. I had a huge red furry coat on, and I was supposed to be “an 80's” girl, but Crystal kept pinching my cheeks and calling me “a cute hooker” LOL oh my! Hahaha... But Jeff's sister really made me feel so welcomed and that added to the fun. Everyone else was in/out of the garage but we sat and talked for quite awhile. It was super fun. I wish these nights could have been recorded for us later, but we didn't have a camcorder at that point. There was plenty of music to dance to, and enough of our silliness to keep us riled up for hours of fun. I'll never forget these times even if I can't remember the exact times and what all happened. Sheri's mom brought her cards and recorder to record our fortunes! I thought, well, I'll go first, I'm new, nobody knows me so my story will surprise some people. Little did I know, it was like she already knew everything about me. She knew things that Sheri didn't even know yet. That part was a bit eerie!! How could she know about Steve when I hadn't ever even talked to Sheri about him.. that was creepy scary!! But she knew, and she knew things in order too.

When I came out of the room she gave me the tape to listen to later. Sure enough she sure did know details any other person would have to be told. It was great fun.

We all squeezed ourselves into Jeff's mom's kitchen and they gave me some kind of drink I'd never had. I poured my red pop into it and it tasted just like some kind of newfangled soda! I drank it anyway, and it wasn't half bad. I sure wouldn't want to have too much of it though! I'd be regretting for days, maybe weeks. LOL!! Luckily I am just not a drinker or I'd of been sorry! Hahahaha. There's no way I could have kept up with my friends though, and even though I only had that drink or 2 I'm glad I don't drink! LOL I'd been SO sorry.

I sure wish I took more photos of the walls and decorations. They were so cool. The glow party looked the most awesome of all I think. But what photos I did get to take didn't turn out very well. I think glow colors just arent photogenic I guess! I think I'm getting my parties mixed up... lol we should just call them mixers or something. I'm just so glad I got to come to the ones I did. They were the most fun! And EVERYONE I think those two knew showed up. The streets were lined with cars!! There was no way to go without massive fun. My dad was kinda funny over some of them. He'd say “You're just going off with strangers you met on the internet?” Until I said “They know Kory Clarke Dad” then all the sudden it was OK. Lol He knew I worked on Kory's website for over 10 years, so I think he thought we were friends who hung out a lot. When I only got to really hang out with Kory like at 1 of his shows. It was great times. Even without Kory LOL.

I sure wish I could remember the parties as if they were last week. They were so much fun, the people were super fun and I'll certainly remember them for the rest of my life. Even if it is in bits and pieces. LOL, They were the best of those summers.

If anyone of you who read this have pix or remember things I don't, let me know and I'll try to put them up. I haven't learned how to put pix up on this computer just yet, but I will. It's a bit of a different formatting than my old machine. I'd like to use my Alienware for it, but that thing is driving me bonkers. It duplicates files so it makes it hard to keep things straight. I love it, but it's use is mainly for gaming. If anyone plays Sims, it'd be fun to share some snaps from them. I love building. It's just a game where you build the people, dress them up, then build their houses and the people IN the game play it out. So it doesn't always go your way. I killed my last player by accidentally getting her too close to the cookout fire. LOL So silly crazy things happen in it. I like to build houses I've seen in movies as well.

Anyway, I had a few get-togethers at my dad's house when he got to where he couldn't be left alone. He loved it when my girlfriends came to visit. He didn't say much, just sat outside with us and enjoyed what he could. I don't mean this to sound morbid but he did have some fun times hanging out with us girls in the garage. It made his evenings a bit more fun than just sitting in the house. I know many people don't do that, but when you have an aging parent why not let them have some of the young's fun too! You've only got so much time with them, make the best of it I say. He definitely wasn't the “go to Sheri's parties” type dad. LOL Oh how I wish I had photos of these parties, they were so much fun. Not many parties can you say “that made my summer” either. but these sure did. I'll never forget any of them, even if I can't remember all the details to the most of them. I wish we'd of had time to go camping and all of us hang out together, that would have been the best of the best.