The Sneaky Christmas Tree!

I have plenty of really great stories along the path of life. Short and long! This little short might give you an idea if you want to pursue this page further.

It was such a weird fluke that it happened! We were driving down hwy 40, it was just after Christmas. I wasn't driving so I had a bit of time to look around at the scenery. Then I see a house with quite a huge back yard and quite a few trees.

The funny thing was, I said “if I owned that house I'd decorate that big tree that's down by the road!” Then BAM, I look and what do my wondering eyes see... a huge decorated Christmas tree! I couldn't believe my eyes, it was so ironic and it was funny to see one actually pop up there in this huge yard! We got a good laugh that “imagination came true!” It was so funny. Who would of thought someone had the same idea as I did! It's not very often you run across something you just mentioned, and it appears!!! These are the oddities that happen to me when I least expect it.

It had snowed a bit so there was some snow on the tree and grounds giving it “that Christmas” look and feel! It was a fun day for a drive on a boring highway! Almost like Christmas materializing out of nowhere! How fun. I think it was somewhere at the foot heels in Tennessee. It'd be fun to know if other people noticed it as well. There just wasn't time to get my camera out and get a snap of that, but it would have been great! Anyway I do have some photos of other area's so take a gander around the site and maybe you'll see something you recognize! Mountain folk just rock for fun imaginations! A fun part too was that it was right on the edge of city & country. So just fun and funny. It had a huge red bulb at the top! LOL