Vintage Doctor Items & Vintage Nurse Hats

I went in for a bandage change today and see the wonderful people who help others put this awful disease under wraps. The girl who takes care of me does such a wonderful job at what she's doing. It's actually nice to go see her. She always looks very nice with her hair done and cute clothing.

She has the personality to match as well. It's so nice when you go in and see a person you want for your health care provider. Anyone would be proud to have her care for them. I know I am. Well, on my way out of the office I took this snap shot of the medical case outside of her office. It's amazing with some very old items, including stethoscopes, the old hats the nurses wore and some other older items they must have used in maybe the 1800's. Some of them looked a bit intimidating that's for sure. It makes me glad I was born in this century, not back then. But what a cool case of medical memorabilia! It looked like it was taken out of an old scary movie or something.

It was kind of fun to look it over, I hope you can see some of these photos, they're a bit spooky but also very interesting to say the least. I just had to get a snap of it. I love the hats the nurses wore. You definitely knew who the nurses were. Each of them have a different symbol of the nurse who would have been wearing it. It was a fun view and nice to see they decorated their hallway with these things. I hope they'll be there for many years to come for other generations to see.

Plus right after that, the lullaby played signifying that a baby had been born. That always makes a day when you know a new sweet little one is born. Then a lady walked out with a cute pink blanket with pretty pink hearts on it.
That really makes one glad the new baby was born in this century! :) No it wasn't the same baby, but it just was a perfect timing thing. A new baby born and a tiny one on it's way home.

It's always nice to see something to lift spirits when I may not have many more left. It was also good to see the smile on the mothers face taking her new baby home.

Well, that's my daily blog, I didn't really have one for today but I'm trying my best to keep up with new blogs. Mine seem so boring in comparison to other people's blogs. Lol. Happy Day!